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Carry Along Sketchbook - Leopard

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This delightful animal sketchbook is perfect for creating art on-the-move. Let the Leopard Carry Along Sketchbook to be your new friend in your drawing and coloring adventure. With carry handles perfect for little hands and cute clasp noses, you can create the next masterpiece or doodle wherever you are and keep your artwork safe with this leopard sketchbook!

We all know inspiration can strike anywhere and anytime and now you have the perfect place to let it take shape and grow. The lively leopard sketchbook has over 60 pages of high quality 100gsm paper which is great for pencils, crayons, pens, markers and paint sticks! Each page is perforated to make displaying or sending your art a breeze. And with their clever handles and clasps, art and adventure can now go hand-in-hand!
Leopard sketchbook
60 blank perforated sheets - lots of room for lots of ideas
Easy closure - easy open and close
9 x 7 inch paper - the perfect size for traveling artists
100 gsm paper weight - great for most types of drawing and painting
Acid free paper - lasts longer and friendlier on the environment
Suitable for ages 3 and up